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Business services


E-commerce has become an integral part of modern life. More and more consumers are purchasing goods via the Internet source.  KEP has the opportunity to improve the logistics of your company and establish a system for exchanging goods both in the B2B scheme and in the B2C scheme.

Modern electronic commerce (eTrade) requires a lot of resources: starting with renting warehouses and finalizing with contracts for the delivery of goods to the final destination. In this scheme, KEP can be portrayed as the necessary intermediary between your company and the ultimate goal of arrival of your goods.

Logistics for EAEU

Sending a large amount of goods to Russia or to other EAEU countries?

Since 2015, Kyrgyzstan has been part of the EAEU. This means that for KEP mail services, additional customs processing is not required when crossing borders with other EAEU member states. We will help to prepare all the necessary documents necessary for crossing the borders, then we will be able to receive your cargo in Bishkek, which, after processing, will be sent to the addressee in the form of KEP mail. 

Shipping and Returns

Collaboration with such worldwide airlines as Aeroflot, Lufthansa, Singapore airlines, Turkish airlines allows us to directly cooperate with more than 130 countries of the world. Special value-added services, such as Priority mailing or Express mailing allow you to speed up the processing of your shipments in both transit and destination countries.

Cooperation between all the postal operators of the world allows you to return your shipments back to the KEP warehouse or directly to your company.