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The below described Terms and Conditions refer to each person who is willing to access the Kyrgyz Express Post (KEP) website and use it, as well as our services. By doing this, each user agrees to our Terms and Conditions.

  1. All content of the website is the property of KEP, unless stated elsewise, with references to the source the content belongs to, and may be used for ones personal use only. If this is not the case, one must cite the original source, be it the content of the KEP website or of the third parties, as well as indicate the link of the original source.
  2. KEP reserves the right to change any aspect of the website and suspend its work at any time convenience without prior notification. We cannot guarantee that the website will work at all times and will always be available. We want to make sure the information we provide is accurate and up-to-date, so any content changes will be made as required.
  3. KEP accepts orders for products or services through the website. This implies providing full shipping address and card information. The payment has to be done through the website only. KEP will not take responsibility for any details sent in unencrypted form. If any information of an existing order needs to be changed, we will be able to make these changes within 2 business days after the order is placed.
  4. The official delivery time for KEP products is 10-30 business days. Considering the worldwide shipping process, several days delays are possible.
  5. If receipt of KEP products or services fails through the fault of KEP or for unknown reasons, KEP will either resend the product free of any charges or issue a full refund. If the receipt of KEP products fails for the second time, a full refund will be issued with no possibility to get the product resent once again.
  6. The order can be refused upon arrival due to various reasons, it will be returned back to the sender point. In this case KEP will refund the cost of the product or services only, less the handling costs. Refund will be issued only after KEP makes sure the order is returned back to the sender point.
  7. Should one have any concerns about his / her order or in case any delivery delays, KEP kindly ask its customers to contact Customer Support or Philatelic Bureau immediately and not to cancel charges by filing disputes with credit card companies. KEP always strives to provide the best service to its customers and in case of any problems will always seek for a reasonable solution. Still, if KEP received any threats to cancel the charge or actual chargeback notifications, it has the right to refuse any further orders or request from the customer responsible for the mentioned actions.
  8. The provision of online tracking information for registered mail on the web-sites of Postal Operators/Services is a non-mandatory service (optional), and is not provided by all the UPU member countries.
    Each Postal Operator/Service has the right to post or not to post this information on its web-site, in its sole discretion.
    Kyrgyz Express Post is not liable to the provision of online tracking information on any registered mail by the Postal Operators/Services of other countries on their web-sites.
  9. By submitting orders on our website or using any services through the website, each customer accepts the above listed Terms and Conditions.
  10. Any of the Terms and Conditions paragraphs can be supplemented or changed, therefore KEP advices all its customers to check the page from time to time.