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KEP is introducing a new servise — Express Mailing.

We are a growing company, thus our range of services grows too! Today, we want to introduce you to a new service that has become available from April 1, 2016.

The service is not new, but little known of. The USPS, the designated operator of the USA, calls it 'First-Class Package International Service'. Among the CIS countries, this type of mailing is often called '1st Class' or Express Mailing. One should not confuse it with EMS, because the Express Mailing is a real "golden mean"! If the mailing is sent to a country who's designated operator provides this service, the mailing is being transferred to the internal priority mail office.

Let's see what are the advantages of this service.

Express Mailing has a priority in the processing queue of all items (except EMS). Moreover, the mailing items sent in the same way will be handled and processed in the quickest possible way. That is, if there is a possibility of sending the mailing items by air, it will be done immediately. If it is necessary to deliver the items to the person, the postperson will delivery it by car; no car? - then on a bicycle!

The mailing is being handed over directly at the address specified as the recipient address.

This type of mailing is much cheaper than EMS, which makes it advantageous not only in terms of time, but also, the price. The cost of express mailing includes the cost of regular/registered mailing, priority and express methods. As a result you get a tracking number that is assigned to every registered mailing, priority logo and a special Express Priority logo, which is a specially printed label of light red color. 'Exprès' label is placed on the address side, in the top left corner under the name and address of the sender, if possible. Having namely this label, express mailing piece will be processed one and a half times faster than the registered priority items.

In conclusion, this type of mailing method is ideal for sending documents and other valuable written correspondence. Low price and high delivery speed makes Express Mailing an extremely advantageous method. In addition, for companies that constantly send each-other documents it is an everyday necessity to be able to send and receive the documents in a fast and secure way, which makes Express Mailing a handy tool.

For more information on Express Mailing, please visit our website 'Rates' section.